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Although Payton was established as one of Mississippi’s most promising runners, he did not receive invitations from the Southeast Conference colleges, which at the time were expecting some black players. Initially enrolled at the University of Kansas, he decided to pursue his collegial career at Jackson University’s black history school, where his older brother Eddie played football….

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As of 2019, he is the second largest player in NFL history and ranks fourth in the number of quick touches scored. He also made eight touches, second only to Gifford for non-center-backs. The Bears have struggled to accumulate winning seasons, winning just two playoff places since his arrival..

He led the Bears to an 8-8 finish in 1983 and a 10-6 finish in 1984. Payton continued his success, leading over 1,400 yards in both seasons. On September 19, 1984, Payton passed Franco Harris as an active leader in her career. Three weeks later, on October 7, 1984, against the New Orleans Saints, Payton broke Jim Brown’s career record of 12,312 yards. In 1985, Payton ran over 1,500 yards to help the Bears become the league’s second best striker with center-back Jim McMahon..


In addition, he was ranked in the top 10 fastest test players throughout his career, including 1976, 1977 and 1978, leading the category in 1979. Since 2006, he was the second player in NFL history sometimes and finished third. scored in quick touches. With Frank Gifford, Payton has made six interceptions, more than any non-center-back position in NFL history. In addition, he was ranked among the top 10 kidnapping players throughout his career, including 1976, 1977 and 1978, and topped the category in 1979….

The Bears have been one of the best defenders in NFL history this season, setting the record for the fewest points. In a 1984 game, Payton was thrown as the team’s fourth-line quarterback…

According to then-coach Don Fambro, as Payton claimed in his autobiography, he was never recruited to the University of Kansas. After scoring the balls, Payton refused to celebrate; instead, he often passed the ball to his teammates or an official. He did not accept the growing practice of celebrating landing; he preferred post-match tricks, such as rushing to the locker room and shutting teammates out of the cold during prolonged showers. Although Payton would have earned the respect of his colleagues and coaches with his solo running, he has made 492 hits and over 4,000 yards in his career and was a constant threat in the ensuing game. Although Payton was established as one of the best promising runners in the state, he did not receive invitations from the Southeast Conference colleges or universities, which at the time were expecting only a few black players….

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The lack of success prompted the Bears management to replace Neil Armstrong with Mike Ditka for the season that began in the fall of 1982. Ditka, who was in trouble in the 1960s and 1970s, who also joined the Professional Football Hall of Fame, led the team. Reaches a 3-6 record (shortened) in 1982..